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Absence of Pain

A profoundly moving story set against the turmoil of the Israel / Palestinian conflict that captures the pathos of fated and ill-fated loves.
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Misplaced Lives

Gabriella escapes a husband and unhappy marriage to discover happiness.
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Friends, Lovers, Enemies

American television journalist Sasha Beale saves a dying boy after a terrorist bombing in Rome, but the boy is actually a Mossad agent trying to gain information about a terrorist Sasha plans to interview.


In Buenos Aires, Coriander falls in love with a charming radical bound up with the revolutionary struggle, who becomes one of the “disappeared”.
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On the terrace of famed Paris restaurant, Fouquet’s, Lexie, a young American woman is about to disperse the ashes of her late husband along the Champs Elysees. Suddenly, a car stops. A woman holding an infant, and a man, get out. While the man walks away, the woman turns toward Lexie and asks her to hold her baby until she parks the car. Though baffled, Lexie takes the infant and moves toward the far end of the terrace to wait. Seconds later, the car explodes in a suicide bombing attack. The woman in the car is killed, as are dozens of people seated on Fouquet’s terrace.

Remy, a secret agent, is also seated on the terrace when the bomb detonates. He survives and has seen the entire exchange between the beautiful American tourist and the woman who is killed when the car explodes. Remy is also aware that the man who got out of the car is a well-known wanted terrorist, the son of a multi billionaire Saudi businessman. 

Reckless is a thriller but most of all it is a love story taken from the headlines. The book is filled with suspense, life and death chases, attempted kidnapping, and two people who come together despite their painful histories. The book has all the ingredients to make this novel exciting from the first until the last page.