Absence of Pain

A profoundly moving story set against the turmoil of the Israel / Palestinian conflict that captures the pathos of fated and ill-fated loves.
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Misplaced Lives

Gabriella escapes a husband and unhappy marriage to discover happiness.
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Friends, Lovers, Enemies

American television journalist Sasha Beale saves a dying boy after a terrorist bombing in Rome, but the boy is actually a Mossad agent trying to gain information about a terrorist Sasha plans to interview.


In Buenos Aires, Coriander falls in love with a charming radical bound up with the revolutionary struggle, who becomes one of the “disappeared”.
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On the terrace of famed Paris restaurant, Fouquet’s, Lexie, a young American woman is about to disperse the ashes of her late husband along the Champs Elysees. Suddenly, a car stops. A woman holding an infant, and a man, get out. While the man walks away, the woman turns toward Lexie and asks her to hold her baby until she parks the car. Though baffled, Lexie takes the infant and moves toward the far end of the terrace to wait. Seconds later, the car explodes in a suicide bombing attack. The woman in the car is killed, as are dozens of people seated on Fouquet’s terrace.

Remy, a secret agent, is also seated on the terrace when the bomb detonates. He survives and has seen the entire exchange between the beautiful American tourist and the woman who is killed when the car explodes. Remy is also aware that the man who got out of the car is a well-known wanted terrorist, the son of a multi billionaire Saudi businessman. 

Reckless is a thriller but most of all it is a love story taken from the headlines. The book is filled with suspense, life and death chases, attempted kidnapping, and two people who come together despite their painful histories. The book has all the ingredients to make this novel exciting from the first until the last page.

Terrorisme – available only in French

Published in 1985 in France by Editions Stock.

The Lady – biography of Aung San Suu Kyi – Film by the same name

The Lady: Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel Laureate and Burma’s Prisoner is the first full account of one woman’s heroic struggle against SLORC, the brutal military junta in power in Burma since 1988, and an expose of one of the most violent and corrupt regimes in the world today. Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has been leading a battle for democracy, freedom, and human rights in Burma. The daughter of General Aung San, the man who gained independence for Burma from the British and who was assassinated on the eve of Burmese independence, Aung San Suu Kyi alone made the world aware of the regime that functions by torture, terror, and murder. Based on exclusive interviews with the military leaders of SLORC, the drug lords who control the export of opium and heroin, foreign business investors and apologists for the junta,

Goddess – biography of Madonna

The most complete and revealing portrait to date of the self-styled Material Girl, one of the most influential American entertainers of the past century.
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From Ingenue to Icon – biography of Charlotte Rampling

One of the most enigmatic and enduring actresses of our time, Charlotte Rampling has an allure that neither time nor age has dimmed. It is a combination of a very British reserve and a Gallic poise for which she is adored that makes her beloved in her adopted France; a smoldering intensity that hints at a troubled soul, nicknamed by Dirk Bogarde ‘The Look’. For many she will always be Meredith in the sixties hit Georgy Girl, or the face of the controversial art house success The Night Porter, but in recent years she has made a new and vibrant career for herself working with new directors in challenging roles. Rampling has long maintained a discreet silence about both her private and professional lives, in particular her relationships, and the demons and passions that have driven her career. Her refusal to comment on stories and speculations in the press has only increased her status as an object of fascination. Basing her account on intimate conversations, and writing with the full co-operation of Charlotte’s family, children and colleagues, Barbara Victor now tells Charlotte’s life story in a open and uncompromising way. For the first time this is Charlotte’s own perspective on the many losses and trials she has overcome, from her troubled childhood in England and the tragic death of her sister to the painful and protracted break up of her marriage to Jean Michel Jarre; from her first break in sixties London through her varied career to her recent successes in Francois Ozon’s Under the Sand and Swimming Pool. The result is a fascinating insight into the life of one of contemporary cinema’s most iconic yet little-known stars – a compelling portrait of a woman of unexpected warmth, intelligence, humanity and extraordinary strength.

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Voice of Reason – biography of Hanan Ashrawi

Hanan Ashrawi and Peace in the Middle East – nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.


Le Matignon de Jospin – available only in French

Cet ourage devoile pour la premiere fois un Matignon meconnu avec les portraits fouilles des hommes et des femmes qui composent le cabinet de Lionel Jospin.
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The Last Crusade

There are 80 million born again Christians of voting age in the United States, including George W. Bush. Jesus Christ is a personal friend of every one of them. They know that Jesus wants them to vote Republican. Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, the Evangelical Christians have constituted one of the most powerful interest groups in the USA. Their money and their energy have helped to drive a socially conservative agenda to the centre of American national life. They wield veto power over the Republican party’s presidential candidates and decide the outcome of elections across vast areas of the political landscape. And they have begun to play an important role in America’s foreign policy. Despite a history of robust anti-Semitism, they have built a powerful alliance with the Israeli right. From financial aid to Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories to the religious rhetoric of the War on Terror, Evangelical leaders are blithely creating a world fit for Apocalypse. Their brand of Christianity is the fastest-growing social movement in the slums of Africa and Latin America. Barbara Victor explores the changes in the American political system that evangelical Christianity has already wrought and the changes it is likely to bring in the years ahead. She reveals a complex and contradictory political process in which secular neo-conservatives have allied themselves with fundamentalists to pursue an agenda of aggression overseas and repression at home. It is a process in which religious sentiment miraculously transforms into money and political advantage, in which private virtues become public vices, and the founding principles of a free republic are attacked by self-declared patriots.

Army of Roses

Army of Roses is an inquiry into the forces that drive Women Suicide Bombers and others of the Occupied Territories into such desperate acts of self-destruction.
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Getting Away with Murder

An examination of the epidemic of brutal crimes against women in America.
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The Good Divorce

Raoul Felder, a take-no-prisoners divorce attorney, draws from his experience to show readers how to avoid an acrimonious divorce and move on with life
There is nothing better than a good marriage. But when a marriage goes bad, there is no better option than divorce to give men and women a chance to start over. Handled wisely, divorce can be a beginning, not an end. It is the doorway to a new life free of hurt, anger, and resentment.
Felder and Victor cover each phase of divorce, from knowing when to call it quits, to choosing a lawyer, to the final decree. They explore prenuptial contracts, mediation, alimony, child custody, same-sex marriage, and life after divorce. They also share some of the most important facts one should know such as:
  • The first offer a woman gets when divorce negotiations begin is usually the best.
  • In all divorces, income rather than assets determine who pays what to whom.
  • Divorce is about compromise. Divorce court is not a boxing ring.
After years of watching how divorce can go tragically wrong, Felder uses his expert knowledge, including case histories from his list of celebrity clients, to suggest how to make divorce more fair, civilized, and painless.

Essay in Sugar in my Bowl, edited by Erica Jong: Best Sex I Ever Had – by Barbara Victor

An essay in a collection of stories written by several feminist writers and edited by Erica Jong.